In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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Dissecting Leftism Dissecting Leftism
Andrei Martyanov On A More Pleasant Note...
Chris Hedges The Old Evil - Read by Eunice Wong
Nourishing Obscurity Tuesday [1 to 3]
Astral Codex Ten Consciousness As Recursive Reflections
Vlad Tepes Reader’s Links for July 16, 2024
Simplicius SITREP 7/15/24: Crumbling NATO Buys Time for Broad European War
Patriactionary GOP estab. hates = good
Patriactionary Perfectly typical usual normal everyday, right?
Other McCain Trump #Winning Again
Arkhaven Site The Sons of Theseus – The Detective Heroes
Myth of the 20th Century Soldiers of Reason – The RAND Corporation – with Thomas777
Andrei Martyanov Some News From Convention...
Amerika DiversityWatch (July 15, 2024)
Unz: Steve Sailer Trump Picks JD Vance for Veep, by Steve Sailer
Accepting Ignorance Does Alex Jones Deserve Infowars?
Sultan Knish The Brainwashing of a Nation
Sultan Knish Environmentalists Killed Logging to Protect Owls. Now They Want to Kill the Owls.
Upheaval The World-Spirit on a Golf Cart
Darwinian Conservatism J. D. Vance, Trump's VP, Known for Kissing Trump's Ass and for Associating with Catholic Integralists.
Andrei Martyanov OK, Now That's Huge...
Kunstler KunstlerCast 406 — Reinventing Dmitry Orlov in Russia
Unreported Truths The media hits ANOTHER new low in covering the Trump assassination attempt
Andrei Martyanov Hungarian Intel...
According To Hoyt Book Promo And Vignettes By Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike
Freddie deBoer Violence is Its Own Party
Andrei Martyanov How It All Ends...
Counter-Currents The Worst Week Yet: July 7-13, 2024 — Sympathy for the Devil
Raconteur Report What We Know Within 48 Hours
Nourishing Obscurity Monday [18 till close of play]
Andrei Martyanov Well, Anybody With A Rudimentary...
TRS TDS1212: Whitetoid Down
Energy Absurdities Washington Update From a DC Insider - 7.15.2024
Dave Cullen Show Brave New Meh!
Overcoming Bias Convo on Culture
Imperium Press War of the Worldviews
Orphans of Liberty Impunity
Patriactionary Judge hands Trump major legal victory, dismissing classified documents charges
Rintrah The Add-On Package
Energy Absurdities The Energy Realities Podcast: NATO and Energy Security
Due Diligence and Art Report from a private meeting with a high ranking military officer close to Trump
TRS Slice of 90210 7-15-21
Counter-Currents America Has Dodged a Bullet (for Now)
Raw Egg Nationalist ESSAY: It Takes More than That To Kill a Bull Moose
Reactionary The Trump Florida Case: Dismissed.
Energy Absurdities A Note to Subscribers
GPB Bull’s Eye
Occidental Observer Alexander Dugin: The Globalists Desperate Move to Kill Trump
Isegoria You can smoke a cigar next to it as you weld it
GPB 5th Wave Feminism
Astral Codex Ten Open Thread 338
Counter-Currents I Still Love Trump
Kunstler Shocks to the System
Z Man Perhaps An Inflection Point
Animal Magnetism Goodbye, Blue Monday
Occidental Observer Labour Loathe White Workers: How Slippery Starmer Has Slithered to Supremacy to Serve Semites
Counter-Currents The Unkillable Donald Trump (and a Very Killable America)
Orphans of Liberty Conspiracy? You can bet on a certainty!
Nourishing Obscurity Monday [11 to 17]
Founding Questions Alt Thread: Stoyak Roundup
Vlad Tepes A couple of videos that when taken together offer some seeds for thought on a potential conspiracy around the Trump Assassination Attempt
Amerika Ancient Cults
GPB A thinking feminist
Oz Conservative Conservatism: A Rediscovery Part 1
Neo-Ciceronian Times The Left Wants 1936 Spain
Anon Conservative News Briefs – 07/15/2024
Eric Peters Diaper Report: 07/15/2024
Accepting Ignorance Again, All Women are Cheating
Nourishing Obscurity Cyprus
Political Refugee Joe Biden in 1997 said that the only thing that could provoke a "vigorous and hostile" Russian response would be if NATO expanded ...
Political Refugee Quotations
Eric Peters Speed Limiters Will Kill Driving
Orphans of Liberty It Depends On Your Definition Of ‘Petty Offences’, Of Course
Nourishing Obscurity Monday [7 to 10]
VoegelinView The Foundational Problem of A.I.: Science and the Critique of Religion
Patriactionary Not on the ballotfield, right Brandon?
Patriactionary Tone down the rhetoric, they’re saying?
Patriactionary Liars gonna lie
Patriactionary Sometimes, even the batshit crazy are right
Chris Hedges My Thoughts on the Attempted Trump Assassination - Read by Eunice Wong
Nourishing Obscurity Monday [5 and 6]
Dissecting Leftism Dissecting Leftism
Other McCain Rule 5 Sunday: Outstanding In Her Field
Nourishing Obscurity Monday [2 to 4]

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