In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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Fr. Z's Blog Daily Rome Shot 1078
Fr. Z's Blog Opinion piece at NatCathReg about ‘Traditionis custodes’ three years on
John C. Wright Predetermined to Reject Predeterminism
non veni pacem Shooter identified by crowds 26 MINUTES beforehand, cops can’t find him, until one does and then retreats The Memes Must Flow
Vox Popoli 26 Minutes
Didactic Mind Monday morning post-pew-pew puddle
Orthosphere Preference Cascade Catalyses
To Reclaim Normality No Shit, Sherlock
Fr. Z's Blog NEW BOOK: On The Demonic by Archbp. Fulton Sheen. BONUS: Wherein Fr. Z rants.
Francis Berger ​Background Music That Proved Distracting
Vox Popoli Vance is VP
Fr. Z's Blog Daily Rome Shot 1077
Trees and Triads Small Talk (22)
Creative Minority Report The Would Be Assassin has no online presence and his phone is locked. Well, we tried.
non veni pacem Trump-endorsed GoFundMe for assassin victims raises $4,000,000 in 36 hours
OnePeterFive A Tale of Two Donalds
One Cʘsmos Being Is, Therefore I Am
From the Narrow Desert Adam Boyle on “asking amiss”
Meeting The Masters Astrology Comes Up Trumps
Brian Niemeier Trump Shooting Sets World on New Timeline
OnePeterFive The “Perfect!” Missal and the Future of the TLM
Abbey of Misrule All the World is Myth
Vox Popoli A Plot Against the Princess
John C. Wright Not Tired of Winning Yet CLXXI
WINTERY KNIGHT Texas surgeon facing 10 years in prison for exposing trans surgeries on children
Vox Popoli Antagonizing China
Les Femmes Monday Morning Musing -- Too Many Blessings to Count!
Aaron Renn MILES SMITH: Lessons from Reading Exvangelical Memoirs
Rev. Matt's Writings You Become What You Worship
Creative Minority Report You Don’t Despise the Media Enough.
Barnhardt Dr. Beep sends two for the “something’s rotten in Denmark” file
RORATE CÆLI "To God Who Giveth Joy To My Youth": Thoughts on the Growing Revolutionary Threat to the Traditional Latin Mass
Bayou Renaissance Man The Finnish Hobby Horse Championships
First Things The Bible on Trial
Radix Fidem Blog Salvation Is Not in Your Head
Sigma Game The Job is Not the Work
Complicit Clergy Francis, McCarrick, and Illusions of Change…
Identity Dixie Tinkering with the Temperature
William M. Briggs Arrest All Stochastic Terrorists In Trump Assassination Attempt & Civilian Murder & Shootings
Vox Popoli Aware of the Risks
Junior Ganymede The Grace of a Well-Worked Statue
OnePeterFive St. Bonaventure and the Music of Scripture
From the Narrow Desert Visions "open" and "close"; mental images and real experiences don't
Mundabor By God’s Grace, A True Hero And A True Leader
Bayou Renaissance Man Yikes! - aviation edition
Bruce Charlton A big problem with spiritual interventions such as prayer/ meditation, especially in groups
Remnant Newspaper The Neo-Modernist Principles of Thought and the Traditional Mindset

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